Product Availability

Product Availability

You are looking to purchase the latest widget. You have done your homework as a smart shopper. You have looked at reviews and you've done a search for customers' bad experiences for this widget. It appears to be a pretty good product. You have also compared prices and even return policies from several stores. You have found the best web site to purchase your widget from, and you have added it to your cart. You go through the checkout process and have entered your personal and financial information. You click a button to finalize the order only to find out later that your widget is on backorder.  It may not be available for several weeks and you need it sooner.
Product Availabilty Information

This situation happens all too frequently. It has conditioned shoppers to be nervous about ordering online.  Knowing the availability of a product before the checkout process will help give the shopper the confidence and even just enough nudge to purchase the product. Knowing how long it will take before the product ships will also help the shopper decide if they want to purchase the product. This advanced information will also help cut back on support calls and messages. It will give shoppers confidence.

A Web Review of Realized Returns

Web Site Review

Name: RealizedReturns

Website Reviewed:

RealizedReturns (click to enlarge)

First Impressions

My first impression of this blog, RealizedReturns, was that it was about financing, which it is so that is a good thing. Financing is specific to what country you have your finances in, so I believe the word Canada should be printed up top near the name of the website. I know that the leaf symbol is often associated with Canada, but not everybody recognizes that. There is a image bar that pictures keep scrolling rather quickly through and that is really bothersome to my eyes after a couple of minutes. I believe these scrolling images will hopefully go the same way as the old marquee text tag which allowed text to scroll across the screen. On the whole, the blog graphics, colors and layout is attractive and professional.

Good Customer Sitemaps

What is a Customer Sitemap?

A customer site map is a page of links that your customer may want to use to navigate your site. It is usually needed on larger websites with many pages. This customer site map is not to be confused with the typical website map used by search engines to help index your site correctly. Your customers do not need to see that site map. A customer site map is used by your customers to help them find the products, services and information that you offer. You can think of a customer site map as a table of contents for your website. It is another way of navigating your website. It helps make your website more usable and friendly for your customer.
Example of a Customer Site Map

How Should a Customer Sitemap Look?

All of the information on your website should be categorized on your customer site map. All general information should be under one heading. Indented under the general information would be links to your help, customer service, policies, etc. Your products or services should also be under one heading and, depending on how many items you offer or if you have subcategories, you should indent those as well.


A customer site map can really be a help for your customer if done correctly. It should not be or look like the site map that your website uses for search engines. It should look like the table of contents of a book. The more helpful you are for your visitor, the more chances you will convert them into a customer.

Site Review of Learn Web Tutorials

Web Site Review

Name = Learn Web Tutorials
Website =
Learn Web Tutorials (Click to enlarge)

First Impressions

LearnWebTutorials is a blog devoted to helping users learn web development, design and programming. The first thing that I noticed was the white space on the screen.  There is distraction in having that much empty space on the screen. I have since realized this is because I have ads blocked.

The blog title is smashed in the upper left-hand corner on two lines.  The title should have been stretched out on 1 line because there is so much white space to the right of it to fill.  The layout of the side is very wide for the typical pc monitor.  On my screen, I could not see the right column.